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Changwon Environmental Capital

Mayor of Changwon, Ahn Sangsoo

Changwon has developed as one of the world's central cities leading Republic of Korea with passion, perseverance and efforts of its citizens.

Now, I would like to write new history of Changwon with a passion for making 'New era of leap, Big Changwon' and a strong will of 'Revival of ordinary people's economy'.

In order to make Changwon

the city full of economic vitality and desire,

the city providing a high quality of life to the ordinary people and the middle-class,

the city with a consideration of the neighbors with friendly service and sacrifice

the city for the future which the culture and the high-tech industry coexist,

We will be always with our citizens.

Thank you.

Mayor of Changwon, Ahn Sangsoo