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Changwon Environmental Capital

Administrative Goal: New era of leap, Big Changwon

Administrative Policy

  • Integration and commitment: Inspiring the spirit of public officials ‘Sacrificing our personal interests to public goods'
  • Economy Vitalizations: Realizing 'the 2nd Economy Leap' by reviving the business investment, inducing a healthy private consumption and creating growth engines.
  • Balanced Regional Development: Resolving the regional conflicts and stepping forward to a better future by reducing differential among the regions
  • First-class Education and Culture: Enhancing the competitiveness and pursuing an extraordinary value of life by improving an educational infrastructure and cultural satisfaction to the world-class

Development Strategy

Development Strategy: High-tech industrial city Changwon, Marine culture city Masan, International logistics city Jinhae Stability & Growth Establishing an infrastructure for metropolitan city- preparation for stability + growth Improving the quality of citizen's life- enhancing 6 sectors including economy, education, city, environment, welfare and culture