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Changwon Environmental Capital

environmental capital image

Changwon City which shows a careful consideration for the future generation

Today, human beings' future is threatened largely by indiscriminate development without considering the environment of the Earth, which results in the rapid destruction of our natural environment. Now is the time for an environment-centered era, which recognizes the direct rights of citizens as much as the desire for the increase in quality of life.

Also, amenity resides as the key element of competitiveness of cities, and world first class cities attain amenity and continue to sustain themselves environmentally.

Therefore, as an “Environmental Capital” as meant to be a city of sound and sustainable environment as well as a city with consideration in mind for future generations, an Eco City provides for the coexistence of man and nature. It can be as the most developed and exemplary city with regard to the environment of the country.

This city can be viewed as a city where environmental sustainable performance can be realized not only in physical elements such as the infrastructure of the city and etc. but also in its system, and up to patterns of citizens' life.