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Changwon Environmental Capital

Declaration of Environmental Capital

Changwon is a historic home town where the splendid culture of Iron Age flourished early. As Changwon is the first urban planned city and has developed into a center of mechanical industry which leads national development, Changwon has been shaped nominally and virtually into an exemplary city in all areas such as environment, culture, welfare, education and etc. However, our natural and ecological environment is being damaged as the pursuit of materialistic abundance and convenience through rapid industrialization progress.

Changwon city should take this opportunity to now be reborn as an Environmental Capital in which is environmentally sound; citizens can enjoy a high class quality of life; and promotes sustainable development.

Hereupon, in order to make anEnvironmental Capitalout of Changwon, citizens of Changwon promise to fulfill with one mind and one will, and thus declare the followings.

  • 1. We shall maintain the framework of urban planning, and make a city plan by considering all areas of administration.
  • 1. We shall put on an effort to continue urban development by considering the environment. Promotion of restoration projects within the downtown area when restoring a stream or through expanding greenbelt parks etc.
  • 1. We shall promise to establish a partnership with citizens' environmental organizations and to practice a detailed code of conduct.
  • 1. We shall suggest a model for an eco-friendly Eco City; such as a creation of ecological forest, appointment of an ecological town, a creation of a greening industrial complex and etc.
  • 1. We shall establish an advanced greening traffic system through the expansion of convenient facilities for bike use and the integrated management of public transportation systems.
  • 1. We shall put forth an effort to improve environmental conditions bythe creation of Baram-gil Trail,promoting theClean Roadproject and expansion and distribution of natural gas vehicles.
  • 1. We shall establish a perfect water management system; such as safe tap water supplies, water quality management in streams, sewage pipe maintenance, effective use of polluted or clean water and etc. through the expansion of our river bank filtered water facility.
  • 1. We shall settle an advanced living environment of citizens through reducing waste by recycling and saving resources and improving diverse energy distribution and effectiveness.
  • 1. We shall prepare a reasonable management plan for streams, Junam Reservoir and etc within the downtown area throughperiodically monitoring the ecology.
  • 1. We shall proceed to actively perform environmental education in schools and social groups in order to establish an eco-friendly local community.
  • 1. We shall increase domestic and overseas cooperation to preserve the Earth’s environment by joining International Migratory Birds Network and etc. since ChangwonRamsar 2008.

November 2, 2006
Mayor of Changwon city Chairman in City Council of Changwon city
Representative of Citizens Representative of Environmental Groups