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Changwon Environmental Capital

Design Environmental Capital of Changwon

  • We have designed the Environmental Capital of Changwon as below
Changwon The 2020 World's Environmental Capital
Strategic Objectives
A city where the water and wind circulate
A city where various living species live
A city where the energy and resources circulate
An advanced environmentally-friendly city in harmony with citizens

Major Task

Attaining a clean sky and clean air
We shall work to breathe clean air safely
  • Securing the Blue Sky and Clear Air image
    • Currently, in the atmosphere, there is a concentration of sulfuric gas, and carbon monoxide is favorable, but the concentration of fine dust and nitrogen dioxide is insufficient. We shall improve the quality of the atmosphere to an improved level by the year 2015.
    • In order to improve the atmosphere and ease the heat issue, we shall investigate and analyze the flow of the wind and construct a wind map and improve urban planning and development by considering Baram-gil Trail.
    • We shall replace inner-city buses and sanitation trucks with natural gas vehicles and expand charging stations and expand to distribute vehicles run by natural gas.
    • We shall proceed with a greenhouse gas reduction project in reference to The Climate Change Convention, such as to estimate the amount of greenhouse gas emissions and to establish a reduction plan and etc.
Creation of Ecological Stream and Distribution of safe water
We shall create ecological streams and provide safe water.
  • Forming the Ecological River and Supplying Safe Water image
    • As Changwoncheon Stream, Namcheon Stream and etc. have been selected as an exemplary project for ecological rivers by the Ministry of Environment, we shall unprecedentedly improve the quality of rivers downtown and distribute a good quality of filtered water from the river bank to all citizens by the year 2015.
    • We shall enforce the mandatory installation of undercurrent clean water facility for buildings over a specified size and support to install a clean water-use facility at private houses and establish a water circulating system which can use gray water and polluted or clean water in order for clean water to penetrate into sidewalks and parking lots efficiently.
    • We shall enforce in managing non-point pollutant sources and expand sewage treatment facilities and extensively repair sewage pipes. We shall supply clean and safe drinking water by continuous expansion of water supply facilities such as our river bank filtered water facility and by enforcing water quality management in drinking water.
Establish Greenbelt Network with Vitality
We shall make abundant ecological greenbelt.
  • Forming a Vital Green Network image
    • We shall rearrange the greenbelt into a distinct space and establish a greenbelt network in order to interconnect cut off greenbelt parks and make a greening Environmental Capital by raising one million trees through planting projects led by citizens.
    • We shall connect parks, greenbelts and streams mutually as a green band (Eco Bridge, creating forest paths downtown and etc.) and create distinct green street environments.
    • We shall preserve a living organism habitation environment at Junam Reservoir and keep it as a world environmental brand cooperating with citizens by promoting it into as an ecological tourism resource.
    • We shall steadily proceed with a one million tree planting project led by private groups in order to shape a pollution free city in Changwon and shall create Environmental Capital along with a pleasant environment.
Create Natural City Space
We shall create a city where the principle of nature is in effect.
  • Creating Natural Urban Space image
    • We shall prepare an institutional support plan to create a city where the principle of nature is in effect, and shall expand greening roofs and create an exemplary complex for an Eco City.
    • We shall prepare a system and finances to create the Eco City, and establish an eco-friendly city plan considering environmental and ecological systems. We shall modify a low mountain into a therapeutic forestry center and an ecological experience learning center, and modify Daewon Leports Park into an ecological park to create a water front space for parks andgreen belts using fountains, waterfalls and brooks. We shall use a new housing development and redevelopment area as an ecological tourism resource by creating an exemplary complex for our Eco City and creating ecological towns at suburban areas.
Switch to Greening Traffic System
We shall make a leisurely pleasant city of greening traffic.
  • Changing into a Green Transit System image
    • We shall establish an integrated transportation system centered on public transportation and make a city where bikes and automobiles coexist. We shall gradually switch the city over to green transportation which emits little greenhouse gas or does not emit them at all
    • We shall establish an integrated transportation system centered on public transportation by enforcing interconnection between public transportation, securing on-time schedules and accessibility in order to reduce the use of private cars. We shall make Changwon city a bike haven by expanding bike roads and supplying public bikes; installing bike parking lots at shopping centers, bus stops and etc.; and campaigning for a large scale bike riding movement.
Establish Management System for Recyclable Resources
We shall challenge 0% waste, 100% recycle.
  • Forming a Recyclable Resource Management Scheme image
    • We shall extensively manage an Environmental Experiencing Program in which all citizens can participate with enjoyment, and improve citizens' thoughts toward the environment to a more informed level through activating environmental education centers.
    • We shall make the management system of resources and waste efficient by establishing a reduction plan for waste and reorganizing recirculating systems for recycled goods. We shall establish and carry out a waste management plan centered on recycling by expanding and stabilizing the recycling market, changing waste treatment facilities into a complex, expanding the installation of composting facilities and the distribution network and etc. We shall reduce food waste and change them into resources by installing food waste recycling facilities and distributing food waste treatment containers to each house and school and etc extensively.
Distribute Sustainable Energy
We shall activate to distribute a pollution free energy offered by nature.
  • Sustainable Energy Distribution image
    • We shall distribute a new renewable energy system using solar heat which is suitable mostly in our city in order to create a city system of low energy consumption. And we shall enthusiastically participate in the fundamental national energy plan and The Climate Change Convention.
    • We shall carry out a yearly housing distribution project of 500 solar houses throughout Changwon city by creating a Model village of Solar-powered House at the location of Gawol Village, Woljam-ri, Dong-eup as momentum for this project, and expand and distribute solar powered housing to a total of 2,000 families.
    • We shall approach citizens with both an energy reduction plan and an intimate eco-friendly energy by expanding and distributing a renewable energy; such as geothermal heat, solar energy and etc. on public building structures.
ECO-Community Creation
We shall nurture Changwon as a Mecca of environmental experience.
  • Forming the Eco- Community image
    • We shall expand and operate an Environmental Experience Program which citizens can participate with in and enjoy and improve the image of the environment to citizens through the activation of environmental education centers.
    • We shall supply environmental education text books to all grades in elementary schools considering the importance of the education in environment. We shall proceed with a creation project for eco-friendly schools where eco ponds, facilities to collect rain water and experience and learning center are furnished.
    • We shall continuously proceed work on our project for the preservation of the ecological environment in order to make Junam Reservoir, which is the birth place of our host country in Meeting of the Conference of the Contracting Parties to the Convention on Wetlands and the largest habitat for migratory birds in Asia, into a nesting place for winter migratory birds.
    • We shall introduce the history entwined with Junam by opening Junam Museum of natural history in vicinities, and operate various environmental learning programs through Junam Environmental Schools.