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Changwon Environmental Capital

    Please come to Changwon City Tour with your family, friends or coworkers.
    Tour Info
    Departure time and place Masan Stadium 09:30
    Meeting Square 10:00
    Changwon Central Station 10:10
    Days of operation Everyday(close every Monday, New Year's Day and Thanksgiving)
    Reservations - Regular Course : 1 or more (on-site boarding and booking available)
    - Optional Course : Five or more/a group of 20 or more(reservation required 3 days before trip)
     The Course 7(the Naval Exploring Course)
    - a group of 20 or more(reservation required 3 days before trip)
    - Foreign visitors (reservation required 5 days before trip)
    - Inquiries and reservations : Tel 055-287-1212 (On site purchase available) : Changwon City Tour Online Reservations

    Admission Fee(Fare) Admission Full day Half day
    General and college students 8,000won 5,000won
    Elementary, middle and high school students (20 and younger)
    Soldiers, National Merit, Senior, Disabled
    5,000won 3,000won
    -Lower income family free(Certificate needed)
    -KTX, coastal cruise passengers 20% discount (the day ticket holders)
    -Administrative, events participants and organizations 10% discount
     (events agency confirmation needed)
    -Visitors and participants of Convention and national and international events participants 20% discount (ticket holders)