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Changwon Environmental Capital

      Bansong park

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    Such a Long 2.3 km Jogging Course
    This 2.3 km walkway takes pedestrians from Banrim Lucky Apartment to Bansong Parkdaedong Apartment and is made of elastic pavement, so it is often used by many citizens for jogging, leading to high numbers of park visitors. Behind Hyundai Apartment are a foot acupressure path, a badminton court, a play square and a residential shelter. The park was designed to enhance the residents wellness and provide a shelter for them.

      Park Information

      Location Around Bansong Park-dong and Toechon-dong
      Area 604,050m2
      Major Facilities Kick ball field, foot acupressure path, residential shelter, play square, walk, one bathroom, parking lot

    Overall Landscape

    • Bansong park
    • Bansong park
    • Bansong park
    • Bansong park
    • Bansong park
    • Bansong park