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Changwon Environmental Capital

      Energy Environment Science

      What is energy?

    • It is defined as capacity to work. It is not too much to say that the birth of earth and the solar system is due to a result of energy.
    • Utilizing energy such as fire discovering, development of a steam engine have swiftly enlightened the life of human race. The industry revolution is also dubbed as "energy revolution" and remarkable development of the modern science technology can be dubbed as the "development of energy technology".
    • Energy has influenced so many was on people as light, power and fuel and support development of human race. The motive power of today's remarkable social development is energy.

      What is alternative energy?

    • Solar energy, wind power, hydro power and waste energy are the ones we call alternative energies not coal, petroleum, nuclear power and natural gas. In large ranges of meaning, the energy source that could replace petroleum and in shorter ranges of meaning is the energy source that replaces new-recycled energy power. These alternatives have no resource scarcity and we are referring to unlimited natural energy with no environment pollution.
    • The U.S., one of the advanced country is planning to replace 10% of energy consumption with the alternative energy by 2010, while Denmark is planning to replace 50% of their consumption with wind power by 2030. While these two countries are making their best endeavor in revitalizing in developing the alternative energy, Korea is aiming only about 1% to use the alternative energy. In 20 years, we are expecting energy supply imbalance, scarcity condition after 50 years which suggest requirement of immense development of the alternative energy.
    • The energy environment science park construction project of Jinhae city will promote supplying and developing the alternative energy and make all efforts to converse residents' concept on environment fundamental facility to realize a environment-friendly facility in Jinhae city.

      About key facilities

    • Citizens' Hall, Park Land, Sammil Temple, Daegwang Temple, Jinheung Temple, Navy Academy.


    • Energy Environment Science Park : About key facilities
    • number name of facility scale remarks
      1 photovoltaic power generation plant 60km public
      energy exhibition hall 599㎡ public
      2 solar heat hot water facility 208㎡ public
      3 PTC collecting facility 210㎡ public
      4 small hydro electric power generating plant 10km public
      5 Gwalidong Solar Plant 30km public
      6 DISH type solar generator 10km public
      7 outdoor stage solar plant 30km public
      8 Outdoor stage for Jinhae city 9090㎡ public
      9 incinerating plant for waste 50t public
      10 wind driven generator 10km public
      11 inline skate link 3751㎡ public
      12 marine sports experience 14082㎡ plans for private sector
      13 marine restaurant plans for private sector

    City policy activity on energy saving

      Operating of Energy/Environment Learning Center


    • Location : within the Energy Environment Science Park (2nd FL of Environmental Office)
    • Area : 40㎡
    • Exhibition Details
      • Promotional bindings by fields
      • Recycling goods and pictures of environment
      • A story of earth and environment
    • Management : Environment Facility Office of Jinhae City

    Audio-Video Room

    • Location : In the Energy Environment Science Park (2nd FL of Sewage Treatment Plants)
    • Area : 70㎡
    • Main Facility
      • Audio.Video Room (Promotion Office) : 65 Seats- Energy Environment Science
      • The drawing view of the park
      • Exhibition by alternative energy fields
    • Details
      • VTR presentation : 13minutes
      • About the future energy alternatives (Alternative energy)
      • Presentation about energy environment science park
      • About status of environment fundamental facility of Jinhae city

    Welfare center of Jinhae-si for the disabled

    Bathtub exclusively for the disabled

    • Size : 142.5㎡(Men 71.25, Women 71.25)
    • Facility : A bathtub for common use, shower booth, locker room
    • hot & cold water tub : supply by the photovoltaic power
    • source of power : photovoltaic power generation plant
    • number of people using the power : 33 people/day(Men 26, Women 13)

    Food stall, resting area, an office: One of each

    Fitness center

    • area: 41.7㎡
    • facility: treadmill, massager, other necessary equipment

    Elevator: Capacity for 13 people (Exclusively for physically challenged people)

    Utility Room, Storage, Machine room

    Energy environment/energy saving and effects upon completion of science park

    The Theme Park aims to be the best energy park that pursues green environment, and unlimited.non-polluted energy. The park will take a role as a place of education and promotion of energy culture, will confirm value of energy that fulfilled our life with human and energy, energy and nature, life and energy, energy and the future are the fundamental idea. The park will also carry out a role as a energy messenger to introduce a guideline of which knowledge for energy use can be deliver for effective use and rectify incorrect understanding of energy, and carve the identity of culture of energy. The park will also provide the basic data of technology development on energy field in the future wile performing an indirect role as a new, recycled energy demonstrative study complex in Korea as a first of its kind. It is also committed to contribute in the government's new, recycled energy policy, change disgust facility to environmental-friendly park so that the quality of local residents' lives can be improved and solve the Nimby phenomenon. While at it, the park will secure local energy foundation in the early earlier time by focusing on enhancing integrity, forming ambient that sets the pace in saving energy by educating local residents' interest in the energy. With the local tourism resource that interacted with Naval Port festival, the best cherry blossom festival in Korea the park will raise about 400,000 tourists a year. Through investing its operation profit which is 6.4 billion KRW and through energy saving promotion, we are anticipating energy saving promotion effect of 60 million kwh and 600 million worth of electricity power usage fee. The park will out perform its best in energy saving activity and expansion in usage of environmental friendly energy.