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Changwon Environmental Capital

Q: How can I get to Changwon City Hall?

By Bus : Take bus No. "19,86,87,99,110-1,129,131,141,179"and get off at City Hall Bus Stop.
By Taxi : Tell the driver 'Changwon SheeChung'

Q: Where can I see Changwon's scenery by the internet?

This website provides lots of scene to attract many visitors.
There is a Photo Gallery and a Video Gallery, divided into many categories.
To go there, click here to go to Also you can see the picturesque surroundings of Changwon City Hall through this website, click here to go to

Q: Where is the best sightseeing place in Changwon?

Changwon has a lot of beautiful seas, parks and mountains. The 10 best sightseeing places were chosen by Changwon City and called "Amenities 10". Intensively, there are 10 pride places in Changwon and these are called "10 prides of Changwon".

Q: What are the festivals held in Changwon every year?

Yearly various festivals are opened in Changwon. Sunrise(Haemaji) festival, Dalmaji festival, sea festival, Jagalchi cultural and tourism festival and Gijang's anchovy festival are held in Changwon. In addition, international rock festival is held in 5 different beaches(Haeundae, Gwangalli, Songjeong, Songdo, Ilgwang). Moreover, the worldwide well-known Changwon Biennale and Changwon Internatioanl Film Festival are held in Changwon.

Q: How can I get the International Driver's License ?

In the past if you already had a Domestic Driver's License, you only needed a physical examination to acquire the International Driver's License.
Currently, under the provision of mutual relationship with other countries we will exempt the driver's test if his/her country authorizes the Korean Driver's License. If their country doesn't acknowledge the Korean Driver's License, people coming from those countries can acquire the Korean Driver's License after undergoing a quality test.

Q: What is Changwon's major business and how will it be developed in the future in Changwon?

Changwon was named as a top-ten cities in the good base in business by the Fortune magazine, while Asiaweek named Changwon as a good city. And, shipbuilding industry, film industry, harboring distribution industry, distribution industry, seafood processing industry, tourism industry, and financing, software, footwear, textile industry, and automobile manufacturing industry, through these industries. Changwon is rising to worldwide city.